Resole Your  MX Boots


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            ** featured in  MOTOCROSS ACTION Magazine 7/'03

  BY MAIL / 2 Day Turnarounrd

       All Brands with Factory SIDI Soles

      2 New Soles and Metal Toes $84.99
                                                         (No Metal Toes on Trails Re-Soles)

     **Tech 10 Alpine Stars $ 125.00 
        *2 day turnaround in most cases some boots may require additional time
                                                               ALL RESOLES         
       + $14.00* Shipping & Handling

                        * (U.S. 48 States)

* We GUARANTEE Your New Soles To Stay On Until You Wear Them Out!


Tech 10 Re-Sole with DURABLE Sidi Soles
Molded toe Re-Sole Detail
Sidi Trails Sole onto Combat Touring Boots
Send To:

    Print (Page 2 & 3) & cut this label then tape onto box using clear tape over entire label





To: Sole Performance

165 so. el Camino Real suite K

Encinitas,CA. 92024


Please Print, Fill Out & Include "ROLLED-UP" in the top portion of one of  your Boots




Day Phone:    (_________)__________-_________________

Evening Phone: (_________)__________-__________________

Payment: (Please Circle)  Master Card / VISA , American Express & Discover

 Or: Check or Money Order

*Billing address if different than shipping address:

Name on Card:_________________________________

Card Number:___________________________________

 Exp. (month/year)  _______/________        Security Code: ___________

Total = $ 98.99 / Pair       Signature:_______________________________

**Tech 10 Alpine Stars $ 139.00


Q How long does it take?

A Two working days once we receive your boots to complete the resoleing.Shipping back to you usally 1-5 days depending where in the country you live.We ship ground from southern California.

Q Only one of my boots is worn out, can I get just one resoled?

A Sorry! We receive the soles in pairs therefore we can only resole a pair of boots.

Q My boots are "Alpinestar" can you put "Alpinestar" soles on?

A No we discontinued the use of "Alpinestar" soles a few years ago when they softened the compound causing premature wear and reflecting poorly on our business.We chose the "SIDI" soles for their exelent durability and good grip on the peg's

Q Can you fix a blown out seam when you resole them?

A Yes, if you mark the seam with a peice of contrasting tape we will restitch that area while your boots are being resoled.

Q How should I send my boots to you?

A There are many options; UPS, Postal Service,Fed X ground & DHL ground are the popular ones we see.

Q Prices and availability vary depending on where you are sending them from.UPS seems consistent on pricing.U.S. Postal(USPS) sometimes is a value sometimes very high.Fed X ground looks promising as does DHL ground.Best to shop it or ask your local shipping store.

Q How long will my new soles last?

A Wear varies alot among riders.Many factors can affect wear,size of rider size of bike how agressive the rider is,sharpness of peg's are some of factors affecting sole wear.Most of our customers comming from "Alpinestar" soles report two to three time the life of their old soles.

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 800 944-2755


 Local     (760) 944-7433

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Mon. - Fri. 9:30 - 6:00  Sat. 9:30 - 5:00

Pacific Coast Time



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